Vintage lookFeatures and Specifications

1941 Lincoln Zephyr, 3-Passenger Custom Coupe

The Lincoln Zephyr V-12 cylinder engine is a V-Type, 75 degree, L-shaped engine. The cylinder block and crankcase are cast enbloc, with full length water jackets. It is liquid cooled with thermostatic control.

Engine Specifications

120 BHP @ 3600 RPM
Bore: 2.875"
Displacement: 292 Cubic Inches
Torque: 225 ft. lbs. @ 1800 RPM
Valves: 0 Tolerance, lifters; hydraulic, self-adjusting
Mileage: 16-18 MPG

Production Specifications

Model: 72A
Body: 3P Coupe (Custom)
Price: $1432
Weight: 3560 lbs.
Wheel Base: 125.0"
Length: 210"

Production Numbers

Quantity built: 1150 (77 of these were customs)

Customs: 77 - same as Standards except interior

This car: The only one known to be authentically restored

Options on this Vehicle

Custom interior
- Gold plated hardware
- Shadow striped broadcloth wool
- Special wood-grained mahogany instrument panel and window mouldings

Roto-selector for radio
- Allows instant tuning of up to five pre-selected stations
- Controlled with the foot control
Hot water heater
Oil bath air cleaner
2-Speed Borg-Warner Electric Overdrive
Borg-Warner Electric Clock

Firestone White Sidewall Tires
Side Mirrors
Vanity Mirror
Oil Filter
Gas Cap Lock
Stone Deflector

Special standard features for 1941
- New turn direction indicators
- New parking lamps on front fenders
- New handy horn ring and two spoke steering wheel
- New rear deck light and stop light

Proven features
- Unit-body and frame and truss type body construction
- Hydraulic brakes
- Unusual luggage space
- Chair high seats
- Curb level entrance
- Three way ventilation
- Quietness—complete rubber insulation of body frame unit from running gear
- Unique float method of checking engine oil